The UN probe

I was astonished to hear that Alvar Uribe has been appointed to the probe of the Israeli attack on the Freedom flotilla. Uribe is an ally to Israel, he has sustained deep cooperation with the Israel Defence Forces during his presidency and he has even received medals for his friendship with Israel. Uribe has himself broked international law, permitting or even ordering military operations on Ecuadorian soil. He started the paramilitary organization Convivir and during all of his office the paramiliraty controled zones increased in the country. Many of the politicians who sat as representatives for his party at Parliament has been proven to have attachments to the paramilitary and during his presidency atrocities unheard of have been commited against humanity, like the transportation of poor people from the suburbs to conflict zones being killed and counted as "good results" in the war against the gerilla. There have been cruel massacres against indian villages, and rutinarily desaparitions and killings of human rights activists, journalists and local politicians.

This appointment is outrageous! 

It is said that whatever he has done is legitimated because he won by a big majority democratic elections. And it is perhaps true that a majority of the minority who votes in Colombia voted for him. But I think Colombians would have voted for his friend Pablo Escobar also if the had been given the opportunity. Colombians had then got a president with a much better moral standard.


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