The Clandestino talks this year have revolved around the theme of "Border Reverb". It has been mostly the people from Goldsmiths who have been presenting things and attending. The big names this occassion were Gayatri Spivak and Eyal Weizman who held a lecture on "Forensic Architecture Only the criminal can solve the crime" last Wensday. He came to me after his lecture and he said: Först of all I want to thank you for what you did. As an Israeli I thank you. Secondly I ask you to do it again.

Mattias and I will talk about our experiences in the Mavi Marmara today at the "Hey It's Enrico Pallazo" at Banehagsga 1. Late yestarday we discussed what we would say. Slowly we are starting to analyze what this means in terms of power-relations and global politics. Both of us recognize in the people of the boat something of what we abstractly comprehend of the concept of multitude. This is not a political act of a Nationalist project as the classic anti-colonialism was. It is not, or not just, a demand for inclusion into the civic rights of at democratic state as many of the citizen's movements of the 60s and 70s where formulated. This is not an anti-capitalist critique seeking a systemic shift. This is biopolitical politics. Must be further developed. We may start today to think more deeply, at Clandestino.


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