Letter to the Israel soldiers

You know that what you do is not right. I could see it in your eyes when you had us hostages. You know as well as I that it is proper to wrongdoers to fear daylight and to feel a need to hide their faces.

I know that you are almost children. So did you look to me. Children playing with expensive toys. But it is time you start to act as adult women and men.

Reflect on your long historical experience of oppression. You have laws that reflect that experience. No Israeli soldier must obey orders that they know are against the law.

You will need courage, much more courage and determination than you need to kill and humiliate unarmed people. But you should know that there are people all around the world ready to support you. If you follow your conscience and take responsibility for your deeds. That is the only way to gain human dignity for yourself and that is the path to construct a better future for your country.

Don't be silent when you hear the official lies because you witnessed the truth.

Maybe you think you can lie to outsiders and still be true inside, that inside and outside are different realities with different ethics. But there is no such thing. Lies are lies and they always come together with injustice.

I ask you to fight for your humanity, to struggle for your country, t help to build a better world.

Make use of your right to disobey, don't let yourself be used as a tool of injustice and lawlessness.


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