Memories and the future

I have been repeating the same story again and again to every journalist I have met. Most of them ask the same questions and get the same answers. But when I try to write for myself I keep remembering odd things. I remeber the quiet Sunday evening and the smell of grilled meat. I remember me packing my things as if we were to go. Me asking people to give me their phone numbers. We knew that something could happen. But even the little phonebook with the info of my new friends was taken away from me. In jail I had no numbers, old or new. I remember trying to remember my daugther's cellphone which is programmed in the cellphone they took. I tried very hard to recall it in case I was given the opportunity to call home. But I was never given the opportunity. Nor did I remember the number. I remember many other things, and I will write about them in an article to the newspaper were I use to write. But now I am more concerned about the future.

I have heard that there are plans to go again with 50 boats in two months. I imagine a civil demonstration of thousand boats following the humanitarian mission on the Meditteranean. The people of the world peacefully showing the way to peace and freedom. Everybody taking their boats and following along. It would be fantastic!

But I have also heard that Iran has announced that they will send their navy. What can we say? At this moment of international politics that is a catastrophy which will risk everything.  Iran proclaims what they want. Personally I had rather had UN protection.

People around the world contact me to ask what they can do. I think Freedom flotilla will arrange for a new expedition and then much work will be needed during the next months. Look at the coalition partners homepages. There will be information as to what is needed.


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