Some women from Lebanon are preparing themselves to go with a ship to Gaza with cancer medicins. The Israeli try to prevent it associating their mission with Hizbollah - who have declared they have nothing to do with it. They state at the United Nations that the reserve for themselves the right to enforce the naval blockade on Gaza. As if it was lawful. They also say that they consider this ship to be different and will be treated differently because it comes from a "enemy state".

Meanwhile in Stockholm warships await the celebration of the wedding of the crown princess tomorrow. I felt uneasy when I saw them, and reacted strongly to the sound of helicopters. Then I noticed that I was talking to myself, reproducing time and again the conversation with the clerk who made me sign the deportation order. I corrected some of my expressions from when we really met and I was very tired, angry and insecure. I was telling her all I really wanted to tell her.


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