A diplomatic success

We feel really supported by the people working back in Sweden and winning diplomatic battles like getting the Minister of exterior relations to pronounce himself in support of our cause. I know that many of us would have liked a stronger formulation. But the reaction to his statement in Israel has been strong. Carl Bildt implicitly states that what we do is legal according to Swedish law and that Sweden considers Israel’s embargo illegal according to international law. This is a message that doesn’t get lost in this part of the world. For a politician this little gesture can cost a lot – and the pro-Israel lobby has already threaten him with retaliations – so we should appreciate this statement as a very important support that demonstrates a certain amount of courage. Greetings to all for this success!

Postat av: Stellan Vinthagen

Thanks for your reports!! We will have a Gothenburg gathering at Gnutiken (at Campus Linné) with all members of Ship to Gaza that have worked the last 1,5 years with the project. We would love to be able to make contact with you, Mattias and/or others at the ship. Do you think that is possible? Through a Chat, satellite phone or mobile phone or Skype, or something else?? We will have our vigil from Friday afternoon and onwards, awaiting your entry to Gaza (or encounter with Israel ...). Let us try to prepare something, if possible! Love and greetings to you, Mattias and all the others from the Gothenburg gang!

2010-05-26 @ 16:22:24
URL: http://resistancestudies.org
Postat av: Lennart Göransson

We have also the need of contact here in Uppsala. The paper 'UNT' is searching for information from the voyage and especially Uppsala-linked news. On saturday our ongoing money-collecting will continue. And now we are very glad to read the statement from our foreign minister Carl Bildt. It encourages us. We could notice this morning that the very experienced functioneer Eli Göndör from the society for swedish-israelic information had difficulties in a TV4-programme. The usual effort to make this voyage to look like a Hamas-contribution wasn´t so successful. And swedish media know that the Al Fatah supports your voyage. Another good factor is that 'Fria-tídningens' article from our local pressinfo last week is readable on internet if you haven´t read it yet. Our best wishes to you all!

2010-05-26 @ 22:07:49
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