Citizens of the world go out to demonstrate!

This is the first time in history that a humanitarian flotilla will be met by military force! You should go out to say to our governments that they must act according to their official statements that they are working to end the inhuman siege of gaza. You should go out all over the world and show that the people of the world will not accept the suffering caused to the civilians in gaza anymore. Madrid and Barcelona have already announced a big rally tomorrow at 19 hours European time. Follow this initiative! We demand that the siege end

Postat av: Mattias Linder

Vi är i mycket stort behov av faxet om den utvidgade zonen, det skulle stärka vår mediala position oerhört!

2010-05-30 @ 23:30:14
Postat av: Amandla

israelerna ska storma och styra in skeppen enligt haaretz

2010-05-30 @ 23:47:19

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