Sunday morning

It is a shining morning when we wake up and see that the Challenger has arrived. Yestarday I had the first controversy with another passenger. a man from the Kuwaıt delegatıon. He got furious when he saw İ intended to sleep outside and told me to go downstairs to the women quarters. I really did not longer want to sleep right beside him after that so I changed place some few meters. This was also the first time I expeienced that the idea of separate spaces was used to limit my movements on this boat. Until now it has funtioned like anarchist feminist separatism: women have their own spaces and the rest of the spaces are for women and men. The other men from the Kuwait delegatıon kept silent during the quarrell and a man from the IHH intervened dıscretely to remind the aggressive man that he also was a guest on thıs boat and that he had the responsability not to aggress other passengers. We slept ın peace. But I thought before falling to sleep that if we had been united in a revolutionary struggle this man and me had become enemies from the first day of victory.


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