Last pressconference in Antalya

The pressconference this morning showed the rainbow that is our coalition. It was sended by live broadcasting but the information came late and there was some missunderstanding about the time. I hope anyway that Swedish media could profit. We are on our way to embark. We are goint to meet the other boats tomoroow afternoon. It was announced at the press conference that the Irish boat is delayed one day but that it will catch up with us.

Every member of the coalition presented his och her organization. For Sweden it was Mattias Gardell who spoke. He said that he came to show solidarity from the people of the Northern Sea and that Ship to Gaza Sweden was a grassroots organization where many people worked hard to make it possible to buy a cargo ship and last it with cement and other needen equipment and that what we wanted to say by this was "you are not alone" to the Palestinian people.

The conference was held in different languages. The IHH president said that we have no intention to give away our brothers and sisters who are Palestinian or Israeli citizens. He also mentioned Carl Bildts support for our humanitarian action.

Delegates from among others Belgium, Spain, Malaysia and Algeria talked about their respective campains.

Freedom flotilla is for me a concrete experience of political concepts that I only have intellectually known: "pueblos del mundo", "citizens of the world", multitude.,, 


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