We have been waiting for Sofia to come to Rhodos because it will determine the exact time when we are leaving from Antalya (she arrived just an hour ago). While we waited we went to our computers to try to update. It is really good service to get all press on the mail. The article in the tabloid Expressen seems absurd. Usually I try to take people seriously, meaning that I consider their position as understandable from some perspective. But the arguments for the use of force against a peaceful action carrying building material and wheel-chairs to a population devastated by war and siege are incomprehensible to me. They are so contradictory that they defy interpretation. Actually they seem to move from one perspective to the other, the only constant being that Israel is right.

Anyway, the meetings at the sport hall where most participants are staying are very interesting. People wait patiently and they talk in different languages that they sometimes not even share. Mattias told me that during the meeting this morning the representative of IHH finished his speech saying that maybe Israel is on its way to isolate itself from the rest of the international community and he promised that if Israel at some point would suffer a siege like the one suffered by Gaza, he himself would organize a help flotilla to deliver some aid to the Israeli people. Considering IHHs commitment all over the world with people in need, there are all reasons to believe. I keep wondering how it happened that Israel decided to criminalize this organization?


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