Preparing the Freedom Flotilla 2.0

May is approaching and with it the new departure of the Freedom Flotilla. According to Haaretz the armed forces in Israel are preparing for an intervention, the government has held some meetings and a diplomatic campaign have been trying to press divers governments and the United Nations to stop the citizens that intend to defy the inhuman and illegal blockade imposed to the inhabitants of Gaza.

Haaretz advises to let us pass with the argument that only a military confrontation can give the Flotilla the effect that we want to achieve (delegitimize Israel). If Israel let us pass we will be on the coast of Gaza just for some hours and will leave again without arousing any particular interest from the media. Compared to the revolutions going on in the North of Africa, some activists hating Israel will not be perceived as news. On the contrary, to open fire to unarmed civilians protesting will immediately be associated to the characteristic ways of dictatorship.

We can agree on that. Only that we don’t hate Israel, nor is its destruction the purpose of our action. On the contrary, we love Israel and our objective with breaking the siege is not only an act of solidarity towards Palestinians but also with those who believe and work for a democratic order in Israel, an order where protests are not silenced with the use of force and people defending human rights are not suppressed as if they were terrorists. We are citizens of the world claiming as our brothers ans sisters in the North of Africa: freedom, justice, democracy.


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